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Check if file exists on Windows Home
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5 d San Diego Home / Research
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devlog 2017 Home / Devlog
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17 d Why Tesla will win Home / Words written by me
Powering a blog with Notion and Netlify Home
blog posts Home / Words written by me
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Startup management lessons from “The Social Network” Home
Value your time Home
Why you shouldn’t write Mac programs in QT Home
Simple duplicate post detection for your blog, forum or commenting software Home
Marketing lessons from WebP launch Home
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Executable compressors comparisons: upx 3.07w vs. mpress 2.17 Home
SEO is harder than you think Home
SumatraPDF 1.2 released Home
Using averages - a common performance measurement mistake Home
8 habits for becoming a better programmer Home
Tools that find bugs in c and c++ code via static code analysis Home
Software licensing scheme Home
Idea for code review tool Home
Searching for available DBA name in San Francisco Home
Things I’ve learned this week Home
uISV stories Home
Summary of talk on continuous deployment Home
E-books economics Home
Productivity ideas Home
VisualAck 0.3.2 released Home
You have to implement to understand Home
Bash programming basics Home
Go vs. Python for a simple web server Home
VisualAck 0.3.3 released Home
Hipmunk - a new site for finding flights Home
BitTorrent-based, large file distribution for HTTP Home
How to accept online payments Home
Introduction to PartCover - a short manual Home
Comparing program versions (in C# and Python) Home
Converting PartCover results to html Home
SumatraPDF 1.1 release Home
Best captcha is exotic captcha Home
SumatraPDF 1.0 released Home
Sumatra 0.9.4 release Home
15minutes for mac updated Home
Fonts on windows Home
Setting up s3 logging Home
15minutes 1.1 for windows Home
Compacting s3 aws logs Home

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