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Web programming, webdev Home
grpc Home / Programming
gvisor Home / Programming
certificates, pem, pfx Home / Programming
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1 d Thoughts on Go after writing 3 websites Home
2 d goland Home / Tools and services
Powering a blog with Notion and Netlify Home
monaco Home / Web programming, webdev
3 d Apartments Home / Research / San Diego
Fuzzing Markdown parser written in Go Home / Go Cookbook
How I reverse engineered Notion API Home / Tools and services / notion
Advanced web spidering with Puppeteer Home / Programming / web scraping and crawling / puppeteer, headless chrome, cdp
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Go Cookbook Home / Words written by me
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4 d apps in pure win32 Home / Programming / Windows / win32
5 d How I implemented Oembed Proxy for GitHub Home
8 d Tesla facts Home / Research / Research for investing
9 d Words written by me Home
Business (of software and other) Home
A short guide to marketing for developers Home / Business (of software and other)
Using MySQL in Docker for local testing in Python Home / Words written by me
16 d elf format Home / File formats
Desktop bridge for converting win32 => Store app, project centennial Home / Programming / Windows
18 d slice tricks Home / Go
19 d css grid layout Home / Web programming, webdev / css
23 d File formats Home
26 d parsing Home / Programming
31 d zopfli vs. brotli vs. gzip Home / Programming / compression
33 d ipfs Home / Programming
34 d Chrome dev tools, cdp, chrome debugger protocol Home / Web programming, webdev
36 d Go Home
38 d JavaScript Home / Web programming, webdev
48 d svg Home / Programming
diff2html Home / Tools and services
49 d cooking shows Home / Cooking
Cooking Home
GCF Google Cloud Functions Home / Programming / Google Cloud Services
50 d systemctl and journalctl Home / Programming / Systemd
ssh Home / Tools and services
snap Home / Tools and services
Prometheus Home / Tools and services
apt Home / Tools and services
screenshots, video capture Home / Tools and services
devlog 2018 Home / Devlog
Tools and services Home
travis.ci Home / Tools and services
Google Cloud Services Home / Programming
51 d Systemd Home / Programming
52 d svelte Home / Web programming, webdev
gitpod.io Home / Tools and services
53 d gdb Home / Tools and services
54 d Changing golang keybindings to vscode Home / Tools and services / goland
netstat Home / Tools and services
bing Home / Tools and services
web workers, service workers Home / Web programming, webdev
55 d perfview Home / Tools and services
html to pdf Home / Tools and services
epub format Home / File formats
56 d firebase Home / Programming / Google Cloud Services
58 d uwp Home / Programming / Windows

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