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SumatraPDF is a multi-format PDF, XPS, ebook (ePub, MOBI), DjVu etc. reader for Windows and we are pleased to announce version 2.1.
The biggest change in this version is a support for ePub ebook format. ePub is one of the 2 most popular ebook standards (the other one, mobi, is already supported by Sumatra). Unfortunately we can only read ebooks that are not DRM protected.
We’ve added File/Rename menu item to rename currently viewed file (contributed by Vasily Fomin).
We’ve added support for multi-page TIFF files, TGA images, more comic book (CBZ) metadata.
We’ve added support for JPEG XR images (available on Windows Vista or later, for Windows XP the Windows Imaging Component has to be installed)
The installer is now signed, for even better installation experience.

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