SumatraPDF 1.5 released
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A new version of SumatraPDF, a free, small, fast, open-source PDF reader for Windows, is ready.
What’s new in version 1.5?
We’ve added support for XPS documents.
We’ve also added support for CBZ and CBR files (popular formats for comic book files).
We’ve added File/Save Shortcut menu item to create a shortcut to a specific place in a document.
We’ve added right-click context menu for copying text, link addresses and comments. In browser plugin context menu also has items for saving and printing.
We’ve added folder browsing. Ctrl+Shift+Right opens next PDF in the current folder, Ctrl-Shift+Left opens previous PDF in the current folder. Current folder is the one where currently opened PDF documents is located.
We’ve also fixed handling of large PDF files in browser plugin in FireFox.
SumatraPDF is a creation of SumatraPDF developers.
Let the downloads begin.
Written on Apr 23 2011. Topics: sumatra, releasenotes.
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