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Contributors to this relase:
  • Simon Bünzli (zeniko)
  • William Blum
  • myself
Changes since 1.0.1 release:
  • added book view (“View/Book View” menu item) option. It’s known as “Show Cover Page During Two-Up” in Adobe Reader
  • added “File/Properties” menu item, showing basic information about PDF file
  • added “File/Send by email” menu
  • added export as text. When doing “File/Save As”, change “Save As types” from “PDF documents” to “Text documents”. Don’t expect miracles, though. Conversion to text is not very good in most cases.
  • auto-detect commonly used TeX editors for inverse-search command
  • bug fixes to PDF handling (more PDFs are shown correctly)
  • misc bug fixes and small improvements in UI
  • add Ctrl + and Ctrl - as shortcuts for zooming (matches Adobe Reader)

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