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SumatraPDF team is happy to announce a 1.3 release of our free, small, fast, open source PDF reader for Windows.
Sumatra was capable of text selection for some time but this feature was hard to discover (you had to press Ctrl and select the area with a mouse). We improved text selection and copying by emulating the way a browser (and Adobe Reader) work: just select text with a mouse and use Ctrl-C to copy it to a clipboard.
Shift + Left Mouse now scrolls the document and Ctrl + Left mouse continues to create a rectangular selection (for copying images).
We added more keyboard and mouse shortcuts:
  • ‘c’ shortcut toggles continuous mode
  • ‘+’ / ‘*’ on the numeric keyboard now do zoom and rotation
  • back/forward mouse buttons for back/forward navigation
We added toolbar icons for Fit Page and Fit Width and updated the look of toolbar icons
In version 1.2 we introduced a new full screen mode and made it the default full screen mode. Old mode was still available but not easily discoverable. To make it more discoverable we’ve added View/Presentation menu item for new full screen mode and View/Fullscreen menu item for the old full screen mode.
We improved zoom performance and fixed crashiness caused by high zoom levels.
We improved searching for text to use less memory.
We improved printing.
We’ve updated translations contributed by our translators
We updated to latest mupdf code for various improvements and bugfixes.
We now use libjpeg-turbo library instead of libjpeg, for faster decoding of some PDFs.
We updated openjpeg library to version 1.4 and freetype to version 2.4.4.
We fixed 2 integer overflows reported by Stefan Cornelius from Secunia Research.

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