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Here are all technologies behind Filerion:
  • backend in Go. There isn’t much of it as we strive to do everything possible in the browser
  • frontend i.e. web browser app is a mostly SPA (Single Page Application) written in Svelte
  • Tailwind CSS to help write CSS
  • not using any UI framework
  • plain JavaScript, with typing using JSDoc
  • vite for dev server and bundler (i.e. the thing that converts JavaScript / HTML / CSS code as written into html / js / css files as consumed by the web browser)
  • domain registered with
  • hosted on Using the cheapest $7/month plan
  • Cloudflare for DNS and CDN
  • Cloudflare Workers for a few things. Everything done via workers could be done via Go backend. Workers are better for things that use lots of bandwidth because Cloudflare doesn’t charge for bandwidth and Render (and everyone else) does.
  • PostHog for app usage analytics. This is likely temporary. Analytics are useful in the beginning to understand how people use the app but after a while you don’t get new information so it’s just pointless vanity metrics
  • Sentry for error reporting
  • ClickUp for manual
  • GitHub for source code and allowing users to submit bug reports / feature requests
  • GitHub discussions for user forum
  • Canny to let people vote for features and share roadmap
  • Visual Studio Code as an editor
  • developed on both Windows 11 and Mac OS

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