Summary of Founders Battle Talk #7 about SEO
part of Business articles
Jul 29 2018
Page title is important ranking factor and is shown in search result.
Meta Description is shown in Google Search, so its quality can improve click-through from search results.
h1 is important ranking factor.
url is important ranking factor.
Google likes to rank one page for keyword, so if you target multiple keywords, you should have multiple page, each page targeting different keywords.
Don’t try to optimize a single page for too many keywords.
Alt & title for image tags is important for ranking in image search.
Good CMS (e.g. WordPress) allows you to set those important things (page title, meta description etc.)
Sitemap is an xml or text file that lists pages on your website. You submit a sitemap to Google to help it index the website. More info:
Rich snippets don’t apply for everything but for e.g. review sites, you can add ranking for a given item that will be shown in search results.
Link building is tricky. You want your website to be linked from other high-ranking websites. But if you use shady tactics like buying links then Google doesn’t like it and might penalize your website.

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