Pigz windows port
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Jul 28 2019
Pigz is a parallel gzip implementation. It uses multiple cores to speed up compression and decompression.
This is a Windows port made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk.


Download latest version 2.3.1-149 (built on 2014-04-04):
Sources are at https://github.com/kjk/pigz
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To compress: pigz [options] [files ...]
To uncompress: unpigz [options] [files ...]
pigz foo.txt will create foo.txt.gz, compressed with gzip algorithm, and delete foo.txt.
To not delete the source file, use --keep ( -k) option.
To change the compression algorithm:
The suffix is:

All options

pigz.exe is the same as unpigz.exe!

You might have noticed that pigz.exe and unpigz.exe is exactly the same executable.
The reason for that is implementation trick that Unix version uses.
On Unix unpigz.exe is a symbolic link to pigz.exe. The program checks the name that was used to execute it to choose between acting as compressor or decompressor.
Unfortunately Windows doesn’t have the same support for symbolic links so the easy way to replicate Unix behavior is to have the same executable under 2 different names.

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