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MicroConf is a conference for small/indie/self-funded software businesses. Many of their talks are available on Vimeo but not well indexed. They have a better index (and another here) on their website, but also not great.
This is a list of videos and a bit of info about each video. I hope this will help you find a video useful for you.

1. Lizards Thru Doorways: Proven ways to Widen Your Funnel Using Just Your CTAs

Joanna is a copywriter for hire i.e. she writes the text of emails, sales pages etc. for other businesses.
Her talk is about writing better copy. Tips and case studies. She also has a lot of free (and paid) tutorials on copywriting on her website https://copyhackers.com/. Recap: https://kaidavis.com/microconf-2015/joanna/

2. An Inside Story of Self-Funded SaaS Growth

This is a history of Rob’s SaaS startup https://www.drip.com(email marketing software). He also wrote about it online: https://wpcurve.com/bootstrapped-drip-into-a-7-figure-saas-business/.

3. Accelerating Growth: Grow Faster Without Working Yourself to Death

4. Amplification - Content Marketing That Works

Video https://vimeo.com/132139312 by Justin Jackson, 11 min.
Content marketing is about writing blog posts, doing podcasts and videos to attract people to your website so that you can pitch them on your products.

5. How to Aggressively Acquire Customers for your SaaS with an Efficient Outbound Sales Process

Outbound sales process is using email and phone calls (cold-calling) to find customers.

6. How I Designed Our (High-Touch) Sales & Onboarding to Run Without Me (2014)

Based on experience from his startup Restaurant Engine, talks about converting leads (from his inbound traffic) into customers and how to automate it.

7. Creating an Explosive Email Course

Talks about creating email course in order to get more leads (build email list).

8. Do This, Not That: Creating an Exceptional Customer Support Experience from Day 1 (2015)

Sarah runs CoSupport, which teaches companies how to create good customer support.

9. How to Build a Solo SaaS Sales Machine (2015)

10. Lessons Learned Building a WordPress Plugin Business to $10k/month

11. How To Systematically Fight SaaS Churn And Win (2015)

12. How Bookkeeping Tripled My Revenue in Two Years (and Other Unexpected Cash Flow Advice) (2015)

13. Growing Your Userbase with Better Onboarding (2015)

14. Q&A and Smart Bear Live (2015)

15. Micro-ISV to Micro-acquisition: Selling my 11-year one-man software business (2015)

16. How to start a SaaS business in any market with no idea or connections, using only excel, email & phone (2015)

17. How I Grew My Productized Consulting Offering To $100K YRR In 12 Months (2015)

Recap: https://kaidavis.com/microconf-2015/einar/. A story of building http://www.appaftercare.com/

18. The 3 Week Startup (2015)

Tactical tips about how (and why) to build SaaS quickly (in 1 week).

19. Leveling Up (2015)

20. How to Validate Your Idea and Launch to $7k in Recurring Revenue (2014)

21. 6 Tricks That Helped Me Triple My SaaS’ Growth Rate (2014)

22. Lifting the Veil: The Data Behind Successful Product Launches (2014)

23. 3 Habits for Building (and Growing) a Product Empire (2014)

24. From Zero to $4M/year Without Quora, Hacker News, or Mixergy (2014)

25. 10 Business Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask Their Analytics (And Where to Find the Answers) (2014)

26. How To Slay the Customer Support Beast (2014)

27. Don’t Burn-up in the Launch: Staying Emotionally and Relationally Healthy While Launching Your Startup (2013)

28. Playing the Long Game: Making Entrepreneurship a Sustainable Life (2014)

29. From Idea to $5k/mo in 5 Months (2014)

History of building https://baremetrics.com/

30. UX Basics That Convert Users into Customers (2014)

31. Business Hacks & Epic Wins (2014)

Video https://vimeo.com/94623529 by Mike Taber, 1 hr 4 min.

32. How to Grow Your Self-Funded Business Faster (2014)

33. Designing the Ideal Bootstrapped Business (2013)

34. Dude. Marketing is not your thing (2013)

Video https://vimeo.com/72461554 by Jody Burgess, 13 min.

35. How a Non-Technical Founder Built a 6 Figure Saas App Using Only Free Public Data Sources (2013)

36. Finding Customers Who Are 100x More Valuable Without 100x the Effort (2013)

37. Bootstrapping an App Business (2013)

38. Building Things To Help Sell The Things You Build (2013)

39. Killer Content Marketing (2013)

40. SEO Demystified: Practical Techniques That Produce Astonishing Results (2013)

41. Shut Up and Take My Money: How to Find Business Ideas Customers Want (2013)

42. Copywriting that Converts: How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul (2013)

43. Lean Analytics: How to Focus on What Matters (2013)

44. How to Sell Anything to Anyone (2013)

45. How to 10x in 15 months (2013)

46. Cheap and Easy Customer Support (2012)

47. Google AdWords: Stop Losing & Start Exploiting (Really) (2012)

48. How I Bootstrapped and Sold My Software Company By Maxing Out My Credit Cards (2012)

Video https://vimeo.com/50372726 by Bill Bither, 46 min.

49. From Idea to 7 Figures in 2 years: The Story of Woothemes

50. Ask Me Anything (2012)

51. If You Don’t Like Drunk Frat Boys, Don’t Open an Irish Pub… (2012)

52. Growth Hacking (2012)

Video https://vimeo.com/48592609 by Dan Martell, 39 min.

53. Losers Have Goals, Winners Have Systems (2012)

54. Naked Business: How Honesty Makes You More Money (2012)

55. Finding Your Flywheel (2012)

Video https://vimeo.com/47465229 by Rob Walling, 1 hr 04 min.

56. How to Engineer Marketing Success (2012)

57. More Lessons I’ve Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur (2012)

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