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This is a dev diary of implementing Filerion, a web-based file manager for online storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, s3 and more).
The app is not yet useful but I do believe in “ship early” philosophy.
Today I’ve shipped the website at https://filerion.com/ which involved:
  • buying a domain from https://domains.google.com/ (I also use https://www.gandi.net/en-US)
  • use Cloudflare to manage DNS of the domain to get caching of static assets for free
  • I already had the website running on render.com so I connected my domain
  • I upgraded my render.com plan from free to the cheapest $7/month. I’ll upgrade to bigger, more expensive plans as needed
Other things:
  • fixed Dropbox authentication. I was using expiring access token so it would stop working pretty quickly. I switched to using permanent access token
  • minor: I had one global status bar at the bottom but really each file panel needs their own panel, so I’ve fixed that
  • fixed a bug: changing sorting would mess up selection. I was storing selection as an array of indexes into array of displayed files. I then added sorting, which changes the order of displayed files and would make the indexes invalid. Fixed by storing selection in a dictionary, with (unique) names of the files being a key. Those do not change after sorting
  • before I had S3 / Dropbox support I made a test file system that uses a fixed list of files. This was to allow me fast iteration on files display code. Now that I’m making the website public, I’ll only show test files when running locally
  • enabled JavaScript type checking via jsconfig.json. I forgot to create it when I created the project. We all make coding mistakes so every little bit of help from the editor is good
  • added a way to remove configured accounts, which looks like:
  • minor: filter out in-accessible Dropbox files
  • bugfix: hopefully prevent adding Dropbox account twice
  • bugfix: fix Dropbox login in production
  • added a favicon.png. I’m not a graphic designer but a simple outline icon + gradient background in Figma makes for a serviceable icon
Thoughts on naming
Coming up with a good name for software product is hard.
A good name with available domain name? Even harder.
Why Filerion?
It does have file in the name, so it relates to the product.
I hope it’s easy to pronounce, type and remember.
A .com domain was available.
Per Google, there’s nothing else with that exact name, which will help in the far future when people, hypothetically, will want to find the app via web search.

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