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Software for Windows

Documentalist provides fast, offline access to developer API documentation.
Over 190+ API docs.
For Windows.
Written in Go.

Fast File Finder is a tool to quickly find files by name.
For Windows.
Written in Go.

Sumatra PDF is a small, fast, free PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR reader.
For Windows.
Written in C++.


Code libraries

  • presstige.io - allowed you to publish a Notion page to web
  • Pigz is a port of Parallel Gzip for Windows, I'm not working on it anymore
  • dbHero - was a database GUI for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • QuickNotes - was a note-taking application
  • The Silver Searcher - was port of The Silver Searcher (ag) for Windows
  • VisualAck - was a visual grep for Mac OS X
  • Fofou - was a simple forum software in Go
  • Path Editor - was a %PATH% variable editor for Windows
  • Fotofi - was a free stock photos finder, for Windows
  • scdiff - was a git, subversion, cvs checkin preview, for Windows
  • 15minutes - was a simple timer for Mac and Windows
  • wTail - was like tail, but for Windows and with a UI
  • Volante - was a fast, small, object-oriented database for C#

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