SumatraPDF 2.0 released
Apr 2 2012
SumatraPDF is a multi-format PDF, XPS, ebook (MOBI), DjVu etc. reader for Windows and we are pleased to announce version 2.0.
The biggest change in this version is that we can now read ebooks in mobi format. Mobi is a format developed for MobiPocket Reader and made popular by Amazon’s Kindle. Unfortunately, eBooks purchased from Amazon are protected by DRM so SumatraPDF (or any other third-party reader) cannot read them. The good news is that there are other sources of ebooks formatted in mobi format.
The UI for reading ebooks is different than the UI used for other documents. It’s not hard to notice that the inspiration from the UI came from Kindle’s PC application.
There were other changes as well:
We can now open CHM documents from network drives.
After selecting an area with the mouse, the area can be copied to the clipboard as an image with a right-click context menu.
Sumatra has always been a small and fast program and because we applied extreme size optimization techniques, it’s smaller than ever. If we didn’t apply our extreme size-reduction techniques, the installer would be bigger by 9% (which is around 400 kB) (as a bonus, the size-reducing code we developed is available to other programmers under liberal BSD license).
And as always there are many smaller improvements: even better PDF support etc.
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