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Krzysztof Kowalczyk
San Diego, CA
Hello there. I'm Chris. I design and implement software.
In the past, I worked at Microsoft, Palm, BitTorrent, OpenDNS (acquired by Cisco) and a few small Silicon Valley startups.
Here's some things I did that might be useful.

Essential Programming Books

I maintain over 20 programming books at programming-books.io. They are based on content rescued from abandoned StackOverflow Documentation project.

SumatraPDF Reader

SumatraPDF is a multi-format PDF, XPS, eBook (MOBI, EPUB), Comic Boook (CBZ, CBR), CHM, DJVU reader for Windows
Written in C++ to raw Win32 APIs. Small, fast, nimble and full of features. Pick 4.

Fast File Finder

Fast File Finder lets you to find files quickly by name, for Windows.

Misc online tools

Hosted on appropriately named website onlinetool.io:
Written in Go, hosted on Digital Ocean.

Go libraries

I write open-source Go libraries. Some worth mentioning:
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