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If you write for web, you should read Hot Text - web writing that works.
The book is written for those who want to improve their writing for the web.
It offers both generic tips like:
  • writing should be short, simple and clear
  • break up long paragraphs into short ones
  • make text scannable
  • remove hype and marketoid speak
  • write in active voice
  • write with emotions
  • have a personal voice
  • link to other sites (gives you credibility)
as well as addresses specific kinds of web content:
  • home page
  • navigation menus
  • help section and FAQs
  • product information
  • privacy policy
  • e-mail responses to customers
  • web marketing copy
  • press release
  • news
  • webzines
  • e-mail newsletters
  • weblogs
While not as deep and inspiring as “On writing well”, it’s filled with practical advice.

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