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I think having documentation is important.
They provide value to users of your software and help in SEO (more content is typically better).
Writing more docs must be easy or else they won’t get written.
The way I do documentation for Filerion is:
  • I write in Notion
  • I have a small Go program that creates a customized website out of content in Notion
But there are many other options e.g. just making Notion page publicly visible or writing in craft.do and using their publishing options.
That being said: more docs is not strictly better.
It’s not about writing more words.
You want minimum amount of words to convey useful information.
What is especially helpful is contextual information.
For example in Filerion I have a panel for configuring S3 access. The user needs to provide account information and it’s not obvious to everyone where to get it.
That is a perfect place to put a link to a page in your docs that explains where to find this information.

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