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October 20 @levelsio and survivorship bias in: business
July 25 Lessons learned from 15 years of SumatraPDF, an open source Windows app in: sumatra, programming
June 27 How I use Roam Research
May 1 The things we do to ship desktop software in: programming
April 5 Lessons learned porting 50k loc from Java to Go in: programming, go
March 25 Trade offs in designing versatile log format in: programming, go
October 13 How I implemented Oembed Proxy for GitHub in: programming, software
July 30 Powering a blog with Notion and Netlify in: notion
23 How I reverse engineered Notion API in: notion
18 Advanced web spidering with Puppeteer in: programming
January 31 Fuzzing Markdown parser written in Go in: go, programming
December 24 57 MicroConf videos for self-funded software businesses in: business
November 20 How to install latest clang (6.0) on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) / WSL in: unix
7 Guide to predefined macros in C++ compilers (gcc, clang, msvc etc.) in: programming, c++
August 4 Tutorial for github.com/kjk/flex Go package (implementation of CSS flexbox algorithm) in: go
2 Experience porting 4.5k loc of C to Go (Facebook's CSS flexbox implementation Yoga) in: go
July 23 Using MySQL in Docker for local testing In Go in: go
20 Rotate log files daily in Go in: go
17 Simple serialization format for logging and analytics in Go in: go
13 Embedding build number in Go executable in: go
9 3 ways to iterate in Go in: go
2 HTTPS for free in Go, with little help of Let's Encrypt in: go
June 23 Solo founders with profitable businesses, collected stories in: business
23 Advanced command execution in Go with os/exec in: go
21 Generating good unique ids in Go in: go
February 11 Blueprint for deploying web apps on CoreOS in: devops, go
January 4 Analyzing browserify bundles to minimize JavaScript bundle size in: programming, javascript
October 23 Optimizing JavaScript by using arrays instead of objects in: programming, javascript
June 3 Extracting files from .7z archives in Go in: go, programming
February 12 Accessing GitHub API from Go in: go, programming
12 Go package for better guid generation in: go, programming
December 11 Improving speed of SMAZ compressor by 2.6x/1.5x in: go, programming
3 Tip for per-test verbose logging in Go in: programming, go
October 29 SumatraPDF 3.0 released in: releasenotes, sumatra
May 14 SumatraPDF 2.5.2 released in: releasenotes, sumatra
October 30 Using Fabric for deploying server software in: programming
29 Pigz windows port 2.3.1 released in: software, releasenotes
27 The Silver Searcher windows port in: software
3 SumatraPDF 2.4 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
March 20 How I ported pigz from Unix to Windows in: programming
19 Pigz windows port in: software
December 31 Thoughts on Go after writing 3 websites in: go, programming
25 SumatraPDF 2.2 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
16 Design and implementation of translation system for desktop software in: programming, sumatra
November 26 Speeding up Go with custom allocators in: go, programming
October 22 Hiding duplicate content from your site via robots.txt in: webdev
September 16 How I sped up Go by 20% (or is Go really slower than Java?) in: go, programming
May 4 Websites with free ePub and mobi ebooks in: sumatra
3 SumatraPDF 2.1 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
April 15 Buying a certificate for signing windows applications in: programming
2 SumatraPDF 2.0 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
December 9 A list of chm readers/viewers for Windows in: software, windows
November 30 Showing html from memory in embedded web control on windows in: note, win32, programming
24 SumatraPDF 1.9 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
September 18 SumatraPDF 1.8 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
July 17 SumatraPDF 1.7 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
June 30 How to make software crash less in: programming
1 Experience porting 4k lines of C code to go in: go, programming
May 30 SumatraPDF 1.6 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
14 Easy vs. probable or how to make money with software in: programming, business
7 90% of success is showing up - a proof
April 23 SumatraPDF 1.5 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
March 12 SumatraPDF 1.4 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
10 XML is really, really slow in: programming
February 8 My social marketing failure in: software, business, sumatra
7 SumatraPDF 1.3 released in: sumatra, releasenotes
6 Writing a custom installer for Windows software in: sumatra, programming
December 19 Executable compressors comparisons: upx 3.07w vs. mpress 2.17 in: sumatra, programming
5 Which technology for writing desktop software? in: programming
3 SumatraPDF 1.2 released in: sumatra
November 24 Using averages - a common performance measurement mistake in: programming
5 8 habits for becoming a better programmer in: programming
October 26 Simple duplicate post detection for your blog, forum or commenting software in: programming
24 Value your time in: productivity
3 Startup management lessons from “The Social Network” in: business
2 Marketing lessons from WebP launch in: business
August 13 SEO is harder than you think in: marketing, business
July 25 Comparing program versions (in C# and Python) in: programming, c#, python
24 Searching for available DBA name in San Francisco in: business
23 Introduction to PartCover - a short manual in: .net
7 Tools that find bugs in c and c++ code via static code analysis in: programming, c, c++
June 13 Go vs. Python for a simple web server in: python, go
May 20 SumatraPDF 1.1 release in: sumatra
5 How to accept online payments in: business
3 Summary of talk on continuous deployment in: programming
2 uISV stories in: business
April 20 Productivity ideas in: productivity
19 E-books economics in: business
18 BitTorrent-based, large file distribution for HTTP in: idea
January 4 You have to implement to understand
2 Best captcha is exotic captcha
November 18 SumatraPDF 1.0 released in: sumatra
1 15minutes for mac updated in: software
July 20 Sumatra 0.9.4 release in: sumatra
June 4 Network drives, .net, security and virtualbox in: .net, c#
March 14 Forcing basic http authentication for HttpWebRequest (in .NET/C#) in: .net, c#
13 Setting up s3 logging in: aws
8 Parsing s3 log files in python in: aws, python
7 Compacting s3 aws logs in: aws, python
5 How content-based addressing can help web performance
February 24 ssh tips in: ssh, unix, svn, reference
24 Where do bugs come from? in: programming
22 Summary of David Ditzel talk on binary translation in: talk, summary
20 Exporting data from EverNote
18 App Engine as generic web host in: appengine
18 Profiling tools for C/C++ on windows, mac and linux in: debugging, profiling, programming
December 13 Mac program scheduling (like crontab) in: mac
October 2 SumatraPDF 0.9.3 released in: sumatra
August 24 SumatraPDF 0.9.1 released in: sumatra
11 SumatraPDF 0.9 released in: sumatra
11 Results of tweaking compiler flags before 0.9 release in: sumatra, optimization, programming
July 27 realloc() on Windows vs. Linux in: programming, optimization
May 28 SumatraPDF 0.8.1 release in: sumatra
April 16 Remapping Page Up and Page Down on Mac to move a cursor in: mac
7 gflags - a debugging story in: programming, debugging, win32
4 Variadic Macros (C++) in: visual studio, c++
March 27 making unix user a sudoer in: unix
20 Reverse DNS lookup in: unix, networking
19 backtrace_symbols() and -rdynamic in gcc in: programming, mac, gcc
15 Objective-C patterns in: objective c, cocoa
13 Valgrind basics in: unix, debugging, programming
13 enabling coredumps in: unix, debugging
January 6 Logging in WinDBG in: debugging, windbg
3 Sumatra 0.8 released in: sumatra
July 29 Sumatra PDF 0.7 released in: sumatra
June 24 Sane #include hierarchy for C and C++ in: programming, c, c++
April 29 SumatraPDF 0.6 released in: sumatra
29 A debugging story in: debugging, windbg
13 Few things I’ve learned when writing Sumatra PDF in: sumatra
11 2 great books and one not so great
March 4 SumatraPDF 0.5 released in: sumatra
February 19 SumatraPDF 0.4 released in: sumatra
15 memset() considered harmful in: programming
November 26 Sumatra PDF 0.3 released in: sumatra
22 Talk on designing good APIs in: programming
September 21 Navigating source code in large programs
6 Gdb basics in: gdb, unix, programming
2 On how I improved Sumatra performance by ~60% in: sumatra, optimization, programming, profiling
August 17 A simple captcha scheme
16 Paradox of bad comments
14 Performance optimization story in: programming, optimization
6 Sumatra PDF 0.2 released in: sumatra
June 6 Short tutorial on svn propset for svn:externals property in: svn
3 Sumatra PDF is born in: sumatra
March 17 Designing web forums software
11 Document your software
February 11 C portability notes in: c, programming
January 29 Embedding binary resources on Windows in: win32, c, programming
25 Make C code safe for C++ in: c, c++, programming
13 Basics of writing DOS .bat batch files in: reference
13 Compile-time asserts in C in: c, programming
December 31 High-resolution timer for timing code fragments in: win32, c, programming
30 Accurate timers on Windows in: win32, programming
30 Local DNS modifications on Windows (/etc/hosts equivalent) in: windows
27 Another lesson in entrepreneurship in: business
27 Serialization in C# in: c#, .net
October 26 Code-name Monad and the value of different perspective
July 1 Review of “Hot text - web writing that works” in: book, review
December 7 Making money with shareware software in: business
2 Royalties in game business in: business
October 20 Marketing and shareware articles in: business
13 A shameless rip-off, or what did you expect?
September 7 Not as happy as you thought you will be
July 9 How much can you make writing computer books
3 O’Reilly on software
June 30 Programmers don’t steal enough
27 Software can always be better
12 Writing to sell in: business, writing
11 On difference between amateur and professional shareware in: business
May 10 Carmack on creativity in: quotes
November 17 Good programming practices
6 How to refuse features
5 How to sell software
September 17 You’ll have a job
9 You won’t make money blogging
August 27 The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed
July 26 Principle of good design: discoverability in: ui design
23 Open Source is Philanthropy in: quote, business
19 Bugs and eyeballs in: quote, programming
17 Laws of marketing #22 (resources)
16 Laws of marketing #21 (acceleration)
16 Laws of marketing #20 (hype)
14 Laws of marketing #19 (failure)
14 Laws of marketing #18 (success)
13 Laws of marketing #17 (unpredictability)
13 Laws of marketing #16 (singularity)
12 Laws of marketing #15 (candor)
12 Fine interview with Marcelo Tosatti
12 Laws of marketing #14 (attributes)
11 Laws of marketing #13 (sacrifice)
11 Laws of marketing #12 (line extension)
11 Laws of marketing #11 (perspective)
10 Laws of marketing #10 (division)
10 Laws of marketing #9 (opposite)
7 Laws of marketing #8 (duality)
7 Laws of marketing #7 (ladder)
7 Laws of marketing #6 (exclusivity)
6 Laws of marketing #5 (focus)
6 Laws of marketing #4 (perception)
5 Laws of marketing #3 (mind)
4 Laws of marketing #2 (category)
2 Laws of marketing #1 (leadership)
June 16 On “The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing” in: book
1 Summary of the book "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing"
February 11 Engineering school (summary of Rick Catell talk)
January 1 What I've learned from "After the Gold Rush"
August 29 Things I Learned the Hard Way: Engineering and Computer Science in the Real World

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