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Windows binary can have resources embedded in them. Most resources are of predetermined type (e.g. a menu, an icon or a bitmap) but you can also embed arbitrary binary data (e.g. a text file). The proper syntax is hard to figure out just from reading msdn docs. This snippet shows how to embed a binary resource from a file. First you need to define a resource identifier in a header file (e.g. resource.h) that will be used by both C compiler and resource compiler: c #define MY_RESOURCE 300 Then you need to add to your resource file (e.g. resource.rc): MY_RESOURCE RCDATA "file-with-data.txt" And finally, this is how you can get to this data: “`c void WorkOnResource(void) {

HGLOBAL     res_handle = NULL;
HRSRC       res;
char *      res_data;
DWORD       res_size;

// NOTE: providing g_hInstance is important, NULL might not work
res = FindResource(g_hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(MY_RESOURCE), RT_RCDATA);
if (!res)
res_handle = LoadResource(NULL, res);
if (!res_handle)
res_data = (char*)LockResource(res_handle);
res_size = SizeofResource(NULL, res);
/* you can now use the resource data */

} “`

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