Debugging adventure
This is a debugging story and the lessons learned.
I was writing an application using a MailSwitchToAccount API new in WIndows Mobile 5.0. According to docs it’s defined in cemapi.h and an app needs to link with cemapi.lib.
That’s how I called it:
hr = MailSwitchToAccount(_T("SMS"));
Visual Studio 2005 refused to link the app, claiming that:
TestDevice.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
"long __cdecl MailSwitchToAccount(wchar_t const *,unsigned long)"
(?MailSwitchToAccount@@YAJPB_WK@Z) referenced in function "void
__cdecl OnMailSwitchToAccount(void)" (?OnMailSwitchToAccount@@YAXXZ)
My first thought was that this symbol is simply missing from cemapi.lib. So I used dumpbin.exe (part of Visual Studio tools) to dump all symbols exported from cemapi.lib:
dumpbin -exports cemapi.lib
I found that it does have MailSwitchToAccount:
?MailSwitchToAccount@@YAJPBGK@Z (long __cdecl
MailSwitchToAccount(unsigned short const *,unsigned long))
Howerver, if you look closely, you’ll see that signatures don’t match: expected type for the first parameter is unsigned short * while I’m calling it as wchar_t const *. Now, unsigned short is the WCHAR Windows UNICODE type. C++ also defines wchar_t which is also UNICODE char.
I vaguely remembered that some C++ compilers have an option to treat wchar_t as a native language type (as opposed to just a typedef for existing type, unsigned short in Windows’ case).
And indeed, there it was, in project properties, C/C++/Language there’s an option “Treat wchar_t as Built-in Type”, set by default to Yes.
You can set it to “No”, which corresponds to passing /Zc:wchar_t- to cl.exe.
It seems wrong that you have to do that. It seems like cemapi.dll/cemapi.lib were compiled with /Zc:wchar_t- which forces everyone who links to them also be compiled like that.
Lessons learned:
Update: turns out it’s a known problem and has been blogged about on official Visual Studio blog. Good news is that it will probably be fixed in future versions of Visual Studio.
Written on Jan 13 2006. Topics: programming.
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