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Oembed Proxy for GitHub

Oembed Proxy for GitHub makes it possible to embed source files from GithHub in services that support Oembed standard.

I made it so that I can include source files from GitHub in Notion pages. It should work for other services that support Oembed.

How to use it

To embed https://github.com/kjk/blog/blob/master/util.go source file pass it as url query argument to https://blog.kowalczyk.info/gitoembed/widget/, creating oembed URL https://blog.kowalczyk.info/gitoembed/widget?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fkjk%2Fblog%2Fblob%2Fmaster%2Futil.go.


To modify how code is rendered you can append URL query parameters:

Available themes: abap, algol, algol_nu, arduino, autumn, borland, bw, colorful, dracula, emacs, friendly, fruity, github, igor, lovelace, manni, monokai, monokailight, murphy, native, paraiso-dark, paraiso-light, pastie, perldoc, pygments, rainbow_dash, rrt, solarized-dark, solarized-dark256, solarized-light, swapoff, tango, trac vim, vs, xcode

Example: ?nolines&theme=github

Try it

Put GitHub URL of the file (try: https://github.com/kjk/blog/blob/master/util.go)

Oembed url:

You can test oembed url at oEmbed Tester

Made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. Comments, questions, feedback? Let me know