As of April 2017 this software is unmaintaned. I've lost the battle with spammers.
Today Discourse seems like the best option for forum software.

What is Fofou?

Fofou is simple forum software written in Go. It stands for Forums For You.

Why another forum software?

I wrote it because it solved my problem: I needed a hassle-free forum software for hosting discussions for my various projects. I also wanted it to be like Joel On Software forums.

I was running FruitShow (a PHP implementation of this idea) on my server, but messing with MySQL and PHP and Apache is not my idea of "hassle-free", so I ported FruitShow to Google App Engine hosting platform, so that it can be installed in minutes and hosted for free.

Features, briefly

  • thoughtfully designed for communities
  • perfect as forum software for your small software business or open-source project
  • simple thus easy to use for your potential users
  • no registration necessary to post
  • built-in support for Google Analytics

Get it

Fofou is available in source code. Get it from


Fofou is partially in Public Domain and partially under BSD license. Free to use and abuse.

Fofou is written by Krzysztof Kowalczyk