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Subversion has a way of including the content of one repository in another repository.
This is useful e.g. when you have a repository with common code useful in multiple projects.
Using property svn:externals you can tell subversion to fetch content of external repository into a given directory.
You set svn:externals property on an existing directory.
The value of this property is a space-separated list of: directory and repository.
Here's an example with 2 external repositories: http://svn.my.com/path/to/repo_one and http://svn.my.com/path/to/repo_two
You want repo_one in directory dir_of_repo_one and repo_two in dir_of_repo_two.
Create a text file with the value of svn:externals property.
Each list item is in it’s own line, dir name is separated from repo path by whitespace e.g.:
$ cat >svn_ext_val.txt
dir_of_repo_one http://svn.my.com/path/to/repo_one
dir_of_repo_two http://svn.my.com/path/to/repo_two
Now set the property on a directory that is already managed in subversion. In our example it’s the current directory:
svn propset svn:externals . -F svn_ext_val.txt
From now on svn update will create directory dir_of_repo_one with the content of repo_one and dir_of_repo_two with the content of repo_two.

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