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My latest software find: musicKube is your basic music (mp3, ogg and flac) player.
What’s good about it: it’s a low-resource program with UI similar to iTunes. Compared to musikCube, iTunes is a real memory hog and uses much more cpu than it should. musikCube also beats WinAMP when it comes to the usage of resources (and I’ve never been a fan of WinAMP’s UI).
In the past I used foobar as my low-resource player, but it has ugly UI and recently I found some file that simply crashed it when I was trying to add it to a playlist. Which is a bummer, because there’s no way to figure out which file exactly (out of hundreds in the folder) is crashing.
So the good thing about musikCube is that it has both decent UI and low-overhead. It also doesn’t block when adding songs to the library (unlike certain resource hog from Apple).
There are drawbacks: - it doesn’t play Apple’s AAC or real audio or wma. For many that might be a deal breaker, for me it isn’t (hopefully musicCube will get support for more formats, being open-source and all) - it’s variation on “shuffle” is a bit weird and inferior to iTune’s - I couldn’t figure out their mass-tagging interface - global hotkeys are not configureable and defaults are not to my liking - “Net Radio” options doesn’t seem to be doing anything Despite those faults it looks like musikCube will become my player of choice for some time to come.

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