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If you’re running Subversion with SSH on Windows, you need to have an SSH client installed (I use plink which is part of putty) and set SVN_SSH apropriately. Here’s a tip: make sure to run at least one query against the server that holds your source code e.g. run a simple command like ls: plink -pw $YourPassword [email protected]$YourServer ls. To increase security SSH calculates a checksum for the server you’re trying to connect to (so that e.g. if someone hi-jacks DNS server and redirects your SSH connection to their own server with the intent of capturing your login/password, SSH will warn you that server’s signature doesn’t match previously seen signature). The problem is that it’s an interactive process i.e. SSH displays a warning and waits for you to accept the new server signature. It also does that when the signature doesn’t exist (i.e. this is the first time you connect to a given server via SSH). Subversion doesn’t show that message but still waits for user’s confirmation which looks like it hung.
I’ve just spent an hour trying to figure out such problem.

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