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Even the smallest of web applications face the same design issues that were solved thousand of times: designing a login and registration screens, navigation scheme, searching, shopping cart etc. A person facing such problem has two options:
  • re-invent the wheel, most likely coming up with a wheel that is inferior to some of the existing wheels
  • research prior art and implement the best existing solution
Patterns in Interaction Design website is immensely helpful if one chooses the “research prior art” option. It’s a very good, categorized collection of solutions to such common problems (patterns) for web and gui design (web section is much bigger than gui section). The value of the site:
  • gathers all this information in one place
  • provides good categorization of patterns
  • each pattern is described in concise and regular manner; pattern description states the problem a given pattern solves as well as the solution
This website is an invaluable resource to any web designer and web developer. If it was used more often we would have less broken web interfaces.
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