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Now that I told you that Frigate is the best file manager I know, I’ll tell you that Frigate - the company sucks.
My 30-day trial period just ended so I went on-line and bought “Frigate Professional” ($59.90 but if you know the right URL you can get it for $39.94) via RegSoft. That was 3 days ago and I still don’t have the registration info and as a result can’t use the software.
When I ordered I received a confirmation e-mail with a link to a web page with my order status. That’s all good except that the status still is “unprocessed”. I don’t know if it’s RegSoft that sucks or is it Frigate so uninterested in my money but I’m pissed, I don’t care and I’ll never buy from them again (and would cancel my order if I could).
The thing is: the Internet creates an expectation of instant gratification. I pay and I expect to have the goods within minutes given that what I’m buying is a link where I can download a few megabytes of code or an unlock code for the software that I already have. I expect that because it’s possible and everyone else gives me that.
The guys selling Frigate violated this expectation. The result: no more money from me and this post where I tell everyone that they suck.
  • when you sell software, provide instant gratification
  • when you sell software, avoiding pissing people off is even more important than delighting them (you should do both, of course)

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