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  • ssh config file
    On Mac it's ~/.ssh/config and can be used to set various parameters, for example
    ForwardAgent yes
    ServerAliveInterval 60
    ServerAliveCountMax 120
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/dsa_github
        User blog
    		Port 1355 # set custom port
  • prevent ssh timeouts
    on mac, add to ~/.ssh/config file:
    ServerAliveInterval 60
    ServerAliveCountMax 120
  • port forwarding
    • ssh -i ./id_rsa -f core@ -L 4406: -N : port forward local port 4406 to remote 3306
      • -f : runs in background, have to then kill ssh process
      • -N : don't execute any commands
  • managing ssh keys
    ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/key_rsa : this makes openssh understand the key

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