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yarn install : installs from yarn.lock or package.json
  • yarn [global] [--dev] add <package> : automatically adds to package.json as dependency, as dev dependency with
  • yarn [global] ls : list packages
  • yarn upgrade : upgrade to the latest versions
  • yarn why <package> : show dependency tree for a package (why was it installed)
npm to yarn:
  • npm install => yarn
  • npm install <foo> --save => yarn add <foo>
  • npm install --save-dev <foo> => yarn add --dev <foo>
  • npm uninstall <foo> --save => yarn remove taco
  • npm update --save => yarn upgrade
  • npm install <foo> --global => yarn global add <foo>
  • npm outdated => yarn outdated
  • npm cache clean => yarn cache clean

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