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Online file management
Documentation related
PDF related
Mac to windows
exe tools
Soulver/calculator for web/mac/windows
source code indexer
limote - linux remote, webterm
desktop remote log viewer
Remote IDE
BTerm - terminal/ssh client for windows or web
Coderunner on the web
Better stock portfolio
App that helps to find active forks for a given repository
Google Assistant for Windows
stacer in Go
port bookish markdown parser from java to go
port https://github.com/lunet-io/markdig (CommonMark parser) from C# to Go
logging for serverless
web version of gotop
mac gui over lsof
Online tools
SEO / analytics related
Web publishing / editing tools
cmd-line to gui
sumatra on-line + electron desktop app
desktop app for Google Billing
wmi explorer for windows
better screenshot taking
auto hot key alternative that uses javascript
port https://github.com/fuhsjr00/bug.n from AutoHotKey to JavaScript on win10
port http://www.hammerspoon.org/ (mac automation in lua) to JavaScript/Windows
Rewrite Windows Firewall Notifier
javascript-based shell helper
web frontend to gomacro
local nfs server for Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
make Mac/Windows binaries for JSON-Splora
desktop version of dive (Docker image explorer)
make windows build of fireman

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