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So you're looking for affordable hosting service to run your servers?
Those are the best options for low priced servers from reputable vendors (Digital Ocean, Scaleway and Hetzner).

VPS pricing comparison

PriceRam (GB)cpudiskbandwidthWhat
$4.602250 GB200 Mb/sScaleway 1-s vps
$5.001 GB125 GB1 TBDigital Ocean Standard
$5.904 GB240 GB20 TBHetzner cx21
$9.394 GB4100 GB300 Mb/sScaleway 1-M vps
$10.002 GB150 GB2 TBDigital Ocean Standard
$10.908 GB280 GB20 TBHetzner cx31
$14.708 GB450 GB300 Mb/sScaleway C2S bare metal
$18.788 GB8200 GB400 Mb/sScaleway 1-L vps
$19.5016 GB4160 GB20 TBHetzner cx41
$20.004 GB280 GB4 TBDigital Ocean Standard
$22.1016 GB850 GB500 Mb/sScaleway C2M bare metal
$24.003.751n1-standard-1 gce
$29.4032 GB850 GB + 250 GB800 Mb/sScaleWay C2L bare metal
$30.7015 GB6200 GB250 Mb/sScaleway X64-15 pro
$36.7032 GB8204 GB20 TBHetzner cx51
$40.008 GB4160 GB5 TBDigital Ocean Standard
$48.007.52n1-standard-2 gce
$58.30308400 GB500 Mb/sScaleway X64-30 pro
  • VPS - you probably share the server with other people
  • bare metal - server is all yours
  • disk is SSD
  • gce prices are assuming sustained use discount
  • Scaleway and Hetzner prices are in euro, I converted them to $. Conversion rates might change
  • Scaleway has data centers in Paris and Amsterdam
  • Hetzner has German data centers
  • Digital Ocean has SF and NYC data centers
  • Scaleway allows attaching additional storage at 1 euro per 50 GB, multiple volumes of up to 150 GB
  • Digital Ocean has bandwidth limit (although currently they don't charge for going over the limit).
  • Scaleway has unmetered bandwidth but limits speed. 200 Mb/s is max 64 TB/month but obviously you won't be using max speed 24/7
  • Digital Ocean offers CoreOS
  • Scaleway allows adding additional volumes, 1 euro for 50 GB, volume size up to 150 GB
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