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I have an idea on a better (I hope) format for writing cheat sheets (for programming language, command-line programs etc.).
They are written in markdown and I generate static HTML files with a sprinkle of JavaScript for interactivity.
At first I wrote the generator in Deno but then decided to re-write it in Go, to integrate with the rest of my blog generation code.
Today I finished porting the code.
Still needs some work to auto-generate better Table Of Contents.

Additionally, wrote code in Go to create and send .zip file with files for preview on https://instantpreview.dev
Need to add this to Instant Preview docs.

So what makes for a good cheat sheet?
It's all about being able to find the information quickly.
Navigation is inspired by https://tiddlywiki.com/, check it out at https://blog.kowalczyk.info/cheatsheets/ and click around.

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