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I launched instaprev as https://www.instapreview.dev yestarday.
Will anyone else find it useful? No idea.
Today I did more work on instaprev.
Main thing was making absolute urls of uploaded sites work.
When you upload html etc. files, I host them on https://www.instapreview.dev under a random prefix, like /p/RrJ3eM/
This is a problem if .html file uses an absolute url, like /index.html. This needs to get mapped to /p/RrJ3eM/index.html
My solution isn't perfect but works well enough: I check the referer header. When I see that request for /foo.html came from /p/RrJ3eM/index.html, I redirect it to /p/RrJ3eM/foo.html.
This won't work if referer header is not set, but browser do set it.
It would work better if we hosted files on unique domains. It's possible but would require messing up with DNS.
I could use Enterprise Plan on Cloudflare (expensive) or use their APIs to create DNS records on the fly.
Or I could run my own DNS server.
For now, too much hassle.
I now save upload files to disk. Previously they were stored in memory, which could be limiting given the service currently runs on the cheapest https://render.com server with 512 MB.
I also tweaked website copy. Small changes matter.
Also implemented showing a list of files in a site.

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