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List of services for hosting static websites

  • https://www.netlify.com
    • both command-line tools and web-based UI
    • can integrate with GitHub, publish automatically when git repository changes
    • free for unlimited basic websites
    • paid for advanced features (functions to execute server side code, identity/login service, form submissions with more than 100 submissions, team collaboration)
  • https://firebase.google.com/products/hosting/
    • command-line tools for deployment
    • can use auth and functions for more functionaly
    • free tier: $1 GB of stored data, $10 GB of bandwidth. Pay per use after that.
  • https://surge.sh
    • command-line tools
    • Took off when Heroku changed their pricing to make static site hosting unviable
    • free for basic website, $13/mo per project for more advanced features (custom redirects, password protection)
  • https://neocities.org
    • command-line tools
    • free, accepts donations
    • Open source
    • Made mostly by one dev, with contributors helping out
  • https://pages.github.com
    • driven by a git branch in GitHub repository
    • Limited to Jekyll static site generator
    • free
  • https://pages.gitlab.io
    • GitLab CI builds/pipelines integration
    • free
  • https://zeit.co/blog/now-static
    • Delightful design, very clever details
    • Auto-detects static sites
    • Requires framework-specific tooling for SPA
  • https://aws.amazon.com/s3/
    • pay for use
    • complicated to use
  • https://commons.host
    • Based on Node.js native HTTP/2
    • Aimed at next-gen static frontend development: server push, manifests, etc
  • https://www.bitballoon.com
    • Friendly to beginners
    • Drag and drop site building
    • Demo on the homepage is the actual workflow
    • Mini GUI dashboard to set password, change domain name
  • https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/
    • Seems to just give an SSH account with a special directory for the static files?
  • https://www.aerobatic.com
    • Atlassian/Bitbucket integration

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