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hosted CI services

ServiceCheapest planSupported platformsNotes
https://travis-ci.com/$69Mac, Linux, iOS, windows (early)free for open source
https://www.appveyor.com/$29 / $59Windows, Linuxfree for open source
https://circleci.com/$50Linux, Mac, Windows,Androidfree for 16 build hrs, can run docker
https://semaphoreci.com/pay as you go, $20 per 20 hrLinux, Macfirst 20 hr ($20) free
http://codeship.com/$49Linux, Docker in Profree for 1 concurrent build, 1 parallel test, limit 100 builds
https://github.com/features/actionsfree so farLinux, OSX, Windowsbuilt into GitHub, introduced in October 2018, still in beta

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