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I’m a programmer so this post was at first hard to swallow:

Ah, well, I think the market in my profession is working just fine. I’m grossly overpaid compared to people who do work which I think has more intrinsic value (e.g., teachers, nurses, nannies, research professors, social activists) (and, no, I don’t confuse my notions of intrinsic value with market value, just as I hope that nobody is confused enough to think that market value is the same as intrinsic value). And even at my pay scale I still have time to read mailing lists and do some free software work. When I spread money around, I sure as heck don’t give it to people in my profession.

But after some reflection I can’t help but agree. We (programmers) are just lucky bustards. There’s another post presenting similar perspective. Both posts come from a Free Software Business mailing list. Don’t expect to find there a receipt on how to make money on free/open source software (we’re still waiting for The One who will figure out a reproducible way to do that). Expect intelligent people engaging in interesting conversations.

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