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The ability to watch this wonderful Wozniak’s speech many days after it has been given in a place I’ve never seen represents the best of Internet: shift the time, shrink the space, provide more equal access to interesting information.

Another observation is that Wozniak’s story (who co-founded Apple with Jobs) confirms my theory about success: all you need to achieve success is a lot of hard work. This talk is a very compressed story of Wozniak’s technical progress, from 5th grade till the creating Apple and more. And his story is so refreshing given the the recent realization (as a result of dot-com bomb) that being driven by greed and get-rich-fast schemes isn’t a viable long-term strategy. Wozniak was a brilliant, hard-working engineer. And he would remain so even if he didn’t make a killing on Apple. Brilliance is not enough to make a difference, he was lucky but luck is always a tip of the iceberg. The foundation on which the success rests is hard work.

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