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Today I was running just to stand still.
I decided to change https://github.com/kjk/cheatsheets/ from a static website to a dynamic website.
I did that because I decided it's just easier to standardize on one way of doing things.
Static websites are attractive because there are many services that allow deploying static websites for free, as a loss leader to get people to subscribe to higher plans.
One thing I want is simple analytics, so that I know how many people visit the website. I don't want to use Google Analytics (unpleasant interface) or newer lightweight alternatives like Plausible (frankly, too expensive for what they offer).
So I wrote a logger using Cloudflare workers and it worked, but only when the website was also hosted on Cloudflare Pages.
I couldn't figure out how to make it work with proxied websites (I standardized on hosting with https://render.com) and decided that instead of wasting my time debugging workers, I'll just go back to using what I know well: a website powered by Go.
I simple static website is easy to do but I retain the capability to do more complicated stuff in the future.
The problem is that it's a bunch of busy work to redo this project (and a few more) from static website to Go-based server with logging.
It'll take me a couple of days. The good thing is that I can create re-usable packages for common things and I've built a library of commonly used functions I can copy & paste.

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