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A fine interview with Marcelo, Linux 2.4 kernel maintainer. He says many wise things, but not all of them wise:
We need to get ordinary people used to using Linux. It isn’t that it’s so hard to use, it’s just different.
Too bad it isn’t true.
Linux isn’t just different, it’s harder to use that Mac or Windows.
I keep seeing the command line attitude (“using command line isn’t that hard” or “all you need to do is ./configure & make & make install, what’s so hard about that?”).
This is so out of touch with reality that reading Cooper’s ”Inmates are running the asylum” should be a required reading for people who hold such beliefs.
I’m not trying to bash Marcelo here, he’s an extremely able person. However, as Cooper points out, able people are easy to dismiss the difficulties that less able people may have.
People who want to see increased adoption of Linux should first figure out why it’s not being adopted despite being free.
First step in fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem. Linux does have usability problem.

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