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Create https://twitter.com/gotipdaily account. Send a snippet of Go code that does something useful every day.
Things that would be nice to have:
  • find a good avatar
  • a website powered by Notion gotipdaily.com
  • use https://carbon.now.sh/ to generate codesnippets
  • maybe create a github repository to store past snippets (automatically generated from gist.github.com)
  • maybe create a book in epub / pdf format
  • maybe: only make the last 50 (100?) tips free on the web. Put the rest behind a paywall ($9? $19? $29?)
  • syndicate posts to medium after a week
  • create r/gotipdaily as well and post the snippets there as well
  • post weekly summaries on r/golang e.g. on Tue
  • need some more features in codeeval:
    • show run output / error differently (on the size, not as a tab)
    • auto-detect if output is a .png or .jpeg image and show them as images
    • ability to add binary files (e.g. images, .zip files)
    • add formatting for Go files
The tweet has the format:
How to create a zip file in Go.
Learn more at ... (link to website)
Can extend into more accounts:
  • deno
  • dart
  • c++

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