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Create https://twitter.com/gotipdaily account. Send a snippet of Go code that does something useful every day.
Things that would be nice to have:
  • find a good avatar
  • a website powered by Notion gotipdaily.com
  • use https://carbon.now.sh/ to generate codesnippets
  • maybe create a github repository to store past snippets (automatically generated from gist.github.com)
  • maybe create a book in epub / pdf format
  • maybe: only make the last 50 (100?) tips free on the web. Put the rest behind a paywall ($9? $19? $29?)
  • syndicate posts to medium after a week
  • create r/gotipdaily as well and post the snippets there as well
  • post weekly summaries on r/golang e.g. on Tue
  • need some more features in codeeval:
    • show run output / error differently (on the size, not as a tab)
    • auto-detect if output is a .png or .jpeg image and show them as images
    • ability to add binary files (e.g. images, .zip files)
    • add formatting for Go files
The tweet has the format:
How to create a zip file in Go.
Learn more at ... (link to website)
Can extend into more accounts:
  • deno
  • dart
  • c++
Possible topics:

1How to create a ZIP file in GoWritten
2How to disable go proxy when downloading a go moduleWritten
3How to clean module cache in Go to free up disk spaceWritten
4Extract files from a ZIP archive in GoWritten
 use the archive package for compressing / decompressing 
 timeouts for http client 
 send udp packets 
 listen for filesystem changes 
 walk files 
 send an email 
 open a jpeg file 
 open png, bmp, tiff etc. images 
 resize an image file 
 draw vector graphics (canvas library) 
 copy a file 
 download an http file 
 render text from template 
 parse json 
 parse xml to a tree 
 parse xml quickly 
 use channel as semaphore 
 use github api 
 how to benchmark a piece of code 
 how to profile go code 
 use reddit api 
 send an email 
 access sqlite 
 access Google Drive, Amazon Drive, S3, Dropbox, Backbaze B2, One Drive, Swift, Hubic etc. from Go (https://github.com/rclone/rclone) 
 package Go program as docker image 
 execute JavaScript from Go 
 How to use tags to tweak JSON encoding and decoding 
 How to parse command line arguments in Go 

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