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Past few days was working on programming cheatsheets: given a source material in markdown file, create html with auto-generated table of content and a search box.
At first I would generate static files by writing all .html / .css / .js files to disk, often generated from templates. I would then upload them to https://www.instantpreview.dev for temporary preview.
It wasn't slow but there's nothing like being able to modify a file, refresh the url in browser and see the change.
Today I wrote the simplest possible server (in Go) which can serve dynamically generated files.
Already has been a productivity boost in working on html for cheatsheets.
In the future this dynamic server could be extended to do things like bundling / optimizing html, running compilers like Svelte.
The design is generic enough: for each URL you register a dynamic content generator with 3 functions:
  • Matches(uri string) bool which returns true if content generator handles this url
  • Send(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error which will write content for a URL in r to w
  • Content() []*Content which returns all content (url and data). This enables generating a static version of the site (assuming that there is no need for backend code)

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