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Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Can he make Twitter a better business?
Here's my ideas for increasing Twitter's revenues and profits.
Twitter is the best lead generation tool out there. The problem is that the easiest, most popular way of making money from leads, advertising, is pretty bad. You're competing with Google and Facebook.
Business wisdom: the best way to increase revenues is to sell more to your existing customers (vs. e.g. trying to acquire more customers)
So the overall strategy is to create tools that (some) Twitter users would value and charge them for it. Either upsell to specific tool / service or create a Amazon Prime-like subscription where you get access to everything for a single price.
Twitter users are content creators but they are limited to very small tweets and have to resort to stupid threads to write anything longer. Why not offer premium blog service? Like Wordpress, Ghost, Medium and many others. Give people nice default design, promote in their Twitter bio, integrate with Twitter (i.e. comments could be tweets, so that people commenting are also promoting the blog posts). That's $10/month easily
Clone substack. That's just a blog/newsletter behind a paywall. Popular substack creators are using Twitter as lead gen to their substack accounts.
Many people talk about stocks. Why not link every stock ticker to a page on Twitter Finance. Clone seeking alpha, tipranks etc.
And why not becoming a stock broker? Imagine reading a tweet, being able to click on stock ticker, see basic info and buy or sell right there. The most seamless experience ever.
Remember: lead generation / customer acquisition is expensive. Have you seen all those Webull ads on YouTube? Webull is paying YouTube a lot of money to acquire users.
If you can drop customer acquisition for a stock broker to zero, you could become very profitable.
Do the same with crypto.
And once you have users' money, offer more of value exchange between users, like tipping.
And why not go after the rest of banking? Again, costs of customer acquisition are big, remove that and you can run a much more efficient and profitable organization.
And why not go after OnlyFans? They are creators that need to be paid as well.
Oh, and fix video. There's no reason Twitter couldn't be YouTube-lite.
Expand Twitter into being a messaging system, like Telegram, WeChat etc.

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