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A service for easy logging for serverless scenarios.
Competitive advantages:
  • really easy to start logging (login with Google/GitHub/email, generate api token, POST to /log, see log in UI)
  • relatively cheap (because it's a one person band)
  • fast browsing and searching of logs. In general, UI optimized for efficiency
  • meant for low to medium sized logging, not really heavy logging
Use cases:
  • AWS lambda, google cloud functions, Azure Functions etc.
  • logging from CI services
  • easy logging during development phase
  • a free tier with some limitations (e.g. only 7 day retention of logs, limit max size of uploaded data to e.g. 10k)
  • $10/month for yearly subscription or $15/month for month-to-month. 1 month retention for browsing, unlimited for storing archived, size limit of 10 MB,
  • maybe $49/month for really heavy users
Non-obvious features:
  • command-line tool logwatch $token which allows watching logs from console. Written in Go, uses websocket to talk to the server
  • daily archives as .zip (or something more efficient) in backblaze, can be downloaded via UI
  • websocket that does real-time updates so that user can see activity
  • uses firestore for storing long-term info
  • disk for storing logs + archiving to backblaze daily
  • tagging for log entries e.g. /log?app=foo&ver=1.3.3 would tag a given log entry with tag app with value foo and tag ver with value 1.3.3. This is an easy way to partition logs by e.g. application etc.
  • browsing and searching of logs
  • sharing of individual log entries or live search results. Generate expiring, unique id for sharing. Expiration for: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week. When a given share expired, show error message "This share has expired. Ask for a refreshed share".

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