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Refactoring is taking existing code and making it a little better.
Today was refactoring day.
I didn't do what I wanted to do but I did some cleanups.
I moved 2 websites from Vercel to https://render.com. Those are very simple websites and I have nothing against Vercel, but I discovered render.com and I'm moving everything I can (static websites and web servers) from Vercel / Netlify / Digital Ocean / Cloudflare to Render. It's just better.
I refactored code for https://www.onlinetool.io/.
I often have ideas for small utilities that could be done as a web service but are not important enough to have their own website. So I created a website to host multiple tools.
It's mostly client side with a bit of backend code in Go when needed for things that cannot be done on the client.
I refactored the code to be closer in style to code in https://www.instantpreview.dev/
One change is: I used to use https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/gorilla/mux for routing http server code for URLs.
In a quest for simplification, I now dispatch handlers manually.
Best library is no library.
It's truly simple code, no need for even simple libraries like gorilla/mux.

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