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Changed my server deployments scripts for fofou and updatecheck from shell scripts to Go program. I wanted to be able to deploy from Windows (in addition to from Mac) and I started porting shell scripts to batch files (thank god Windows now ships OpenSSH with ssh and scp) but it's better to have one cross-platform implementation and Go is good for that.
Moved fofou from its own server to the same server that runs updatecheck.
Had a temporary snafu with caddy. Caddy eagerly tries to provision let's encrypt certificates for all defined hosts. I didn't yet have DNS changed so that failed which led to Caddy not starting (and making other services unavailable).
The solution to this is two-fold:
  • first, before changing DNS only provision http by explicitly specifying host as http://updatecheck.io in Caddy config file
  • use pkill -SIGUSR1 caddy instead of systemctl restart caddy to restart Caddy. pkill tells caddy to re-read config files and if there are errors, it'll revert to previous config. systemctl restart is like starting from scratch and will stop caddy if there's a problem in config file (invalid syntax or failure to provision certificate)

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