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Cheat-sheets summarize information. They are useful but I'm always disappointed with execution.
For example, this Python Cheat-sheet has 2 problems:
  • upper half of window is taken by useless information
  • clicking on a link takes you to the middle of a giant html page and you loose table of content
Second problems is common to all cheat-sheets I've seen.
Navigation section should always be accessible.
I decided to improve on the above cheat-sheet and made good progress.
Removing useless information at the top was easy. Here's the difference in information density. Original at the left, my version at the right:
More important improvement is that navigation stays at the top. With a little bit of JavaScript I made it so that instead of just scrolling to the middle of HTML, I pull out the content and insert it at the top.
That leaves navigation at the top stay in place. You can quickly go to another section.
Here's the difference after navigating to "Enumerate" section:
I have a few more ideas.
  • add a small, persistent "TOC" fixed to the top of the page. It would expand when you mouse over it.
That way there's a way to navigate even when scroll the page.
  • apply similar navigation scheme to subsections, for large topics.
  • one could imagine a whole book presented in such a way. Lightning fast navigation between chapters / sub chapters (because the whole HTML is already loaded)
  • one could imagine this could work for more than programming language cheat-sheets but e.g. also for command-line utilities like docker or ls
  • such scheme could also be used for API documentation, like Go package documentation.
Basically any kind of reference documentation where you want to quickly navigate between topics.

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