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Idea: code review tool for windows and mac.
Use cases:
  • preview your changes visually before submitting them to a repository. Enter commit message and commit from ui. Supports subversion and git.
  • ask for a code review by submitting files to website
Implementation plan:
  • Windows client
    • get subversion files that need to be shown
    • show list of files
    • show a diff in ui
    • allow entering commit message and do svn commit
Things todo for korev:
  • parse output of git status, get added/changed files
  • show list of added/deleted/changed files (if more than one)
  • use git to get before/after version of changed files
  • show added files as-is in a text viewer
  • show changed files as a diff (using DiffMatchPatch.cs to get diff info)
  • detect that git is not installed (try to execute git —version) and show error message
Ways to tackle this:
  • write a simple text viewer with the simplest way of spliting files into lines and without a way to wrap)
  • simple way as above but with support for wrapping
  • write a simple text viewer by porting qemacs way of storing data
  • re-use editor code from SharpDevelop
git show master:win/korev/App.xaml
git show master~1:win/korev/App.xaml
  • working tree - what’s on disk
  • index - what has been added with git add, the content at the time of adding
  • repository - sutff that has been git commit’ed
Git commands:
  • git diff - changes in working tree that are not yet staged for next commit
  • git diff --cached - changes between index and last commit, what would be commited with git commit
  • git diff HEAD - changes in working tree since last commit, what would be commited with git commit -a
  • git diff HEAD^ HEAD - compare version before last commit with last commit
git log --raw : get parseable history of changesgit status --porcelain : get parseable status
Related idea:
  • a website for browsing the source code of a project. Focused on studying one version of the code
  • a website for browsing history of changes in the source code. Focused on figuring out what changed when
  • a website for targeted searched of the code. Like google code search but more targeted i.e. where you first select a language (C#, Java, Python etc.) and has a curated list of source code repositories to search, not “everything goes” like google code search
  • port Review Board from sql to redis, to see how faster it would be

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