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Things I’ve learned this week:
  • using pt instead of px for CSS font-size property is a good way to have text that looks good on monitors with different DPIs. 8pt is a good value for small text
  • typing takes a lot of time. I’m working on JavaScript quick reference and it turns out that just typing all that text takes hours (and yes, I do touch type). No wonder books take years to write
  • therefore shorthand notations are good. I started writing it html and it was painful. I improved things by writing small python script that generates html from a more compact text format
  • etherpad was open-sourced but pretty much abandoned by (now) google folks. There is an active project that continues the work
  • CSS: overflow: auto; in a div makes it scrollable (instead, for example, overflowing it)
  • HTML5: canvas element has toDataURL() which returns PNG of itself. Can be used to add a way to easily export canvas data for external consumption e.g. window.location = canvasEl.toDataURL() will navigate to a page that is the PNG file (which can then be save to disk or printed using browser’s context menu). More sophisticated solution could dynamically add PNG to current page
  • Tornado is a decent python web server framework

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