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I’ve been using EverNote for some time. It’s good piece of software, but for me it lacked some unnamed quality.
I decided to use my own website for this kind of note-taking, with additional benefit of my notes being published on the web, hopefully for the benefit of others as well.
There was a problem of existing EverNote notes so I wrote this python script to extract the notes and then import them as posts to this site.
It was surprisingly easy: the script is less than 150 lines of python. EverNote team had the good sense of using sqlite for their database storage. A little bit of reverse-engineering of the database file with SQLite Manager revealed that the author liked the letter Z and that the schema is straightforward.
If you plan to use the script beware that it’s more a template from which to start your own thing than a complete solution. It only dumps the data I was interested in (note title, creation date, tags and content) in a format that was simple for me to use.
EverNote also has well-documented server API, but using it seemed more complicated than digging things out of sqlite database. And would be many, many times slower.
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