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SftpDrive and ExpanDrive is really the same program, except named differently for different OSes. SftpDrive is for Windows and ExpanDrive is for Mac.
It does one thing very well: it allows mounting any ssh accessible directory as a hard-drive/volume so that all programs running on your Mac/PC can access it as if it was a local drive.
One use for that is as a replacement for sftp GUI client.
But what is really great is that it greatly improves interaction with remote servers, be it an Amazon EC2 instance or a co-located server. When I had to edit files on remote Linux servers, I used to ssh and use Emacs for editing. Despite investing many hours in learning Emacs and elisp (to the point that some of the keystrokes are hard-wired in my brain) but I’m definitely disgruntled Emacs user and in my love-and-hate relation with it I have much more hate than love. Not to mention that for editing C/C++ code nothing comes even close to Source Insight. Now I can just mount a directory and transparently edit remote files using my favorite, most familiar editor.
It’s a simple idea but the brilliance of SftpDrive is that it works really, really well and on sufficiently fast connection I can comfortably edit big projects. This might seem like an obvious property of such program but my experience with Samba (either when accessing my NAS over wireless Wi-Fi N network or accessing a filesystem exported from Linux running on Windows under VMWare) shows that this obvious property is lacking and trying to edit large code base in Source Insight on a samba-exported files is an exercise in restrain from chewing your own hand when Source Insight locks up for painful seconds when you’re in the middle of typing code.
Two thumbs up for SftpDrive/ExpanDrive. If only they also supported mounting S3 as a filesystem.

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