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Having used Digg for a while, it seems to me that there’s a growing appetite for crafting the headlines in a way that attracts the attention the most.
Those two examples from today’s list propelled me to make that observation: - Former Google Employee says don’t buy Google stock. Given the exoribitant price of Google stock, that’s a very rational advice. But the headline makes it seem like it means more than it does (as if ex-googler has any special insight into Google’s stock price). - Motorola stock stumbles over 2 percent (in reference to problems with Razr phones). A great stumble indeed. Which is understandable: the point of posting an article is to have it digged by as many people as possible so that it appears on the main page. A catchy headline helps in that (since very few people bother to actually read the article and ponder its worthiness) so people try to create catchy headlines. Nothing new, really (we see that in newspapers, we see that in blogs) but still sad.
Says he who’s been guilty of that in the past and will be guilty of that in the future. Which brings me to When the Anti-Choice Choose as a great example of how good humans are at self-deception and condemning activities they themselves engage in from time to time.

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