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I was always of the opinion that web-based access is great but in many cases a rich client that uses the full power of your local resources is even better.
Stanford on iTunes is an example of that. They could just offer their talks available as downloads but offering them as an iTunes store is even better since you can stream or download and play from within one program (especially useful if you’re a heavy iTunes user).
Not that iTunes doesn’t have it problems. It doesn’t seem to do any caching or pre-fetching so that navigating the store is slower than I would have liked, especially given that all they download in Stanford case is a smallish list. This should be instantaneous (they should remember the last state of a given page and update the list in the background).
BTW: they do have some interesting talks. It one-ups MIT OpenCourseWare by going audio. Who’s gonna be the first to offer video recordings and notes for all lectures they do?

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